Hello! I’m Inga Scarlett. This is a blog about things that I’m passionate about, namely all things food and where to eat, the theatre and what’s on there, with a smattering of music reviews and other interests, like urban lanscapes and the country life, travelling and growing things.

The aim is to be informative and helpful, but also to be honest too, as a review should offer good, constructive feedback to anybody who happens to read it. And be entertaining too!

I’m based in Sydney, Australia, so this blog will of course have an Antipodean perspective. I do travel and love to write about those experiences as well.

The sister to this blog is The Quirk and the Cool, and that’s mostly food and recipes, so look it up if you want to find recipes and understand the how to of food and cooking.

This is a photo of perhaps my all time favourite restaurant Shakey Tables in the picturesque wine country of the Hunter Valley in NSW. The restaurant, sadly, is no more, but I remember with much fondness the artful food of Paula Rengger and the inimitable hosting skills of her partner Simon Rengger.
A fabulous dining experience!